February 29, 2012

Dental Box Whaaaaat?

One of my favorite decoupage items
I store all of my gift tags and paper delicates in my lil dental box. It like, makes me happy.

I found this little wooden dental box at a local thrift store for about $2. I immediately saw potential. I wish now I had taken before and after photos. It has an ugly dark wood laminate underneath this beautiful paper (via papersource.com). Very 70's.  You can still see a splash of it when the drawer is pulled out. My husband took one look at the box and went "Mmmmmk". Which means, Not even for $2. But, like always, when it was finished he was all like, Ohhhh. And then I was all like Seeee! And then we were like Oh mah gosh!


  1. CJ wants to find an old door to make into our headboard. Any ideas were I can get one?

    1. Hmm, I would always say check DI first but I think your best bet would be an antique place. I wish I had more suggestions, sorry. But I have seen those used for beds. They're very cool. Good luck