March 22, 2012

Jett's Baby Blanket


I'm completely aware that I'm not a "pro-quilter". especially when my mum can bust out a quilt in the time it takes me to nap. and when I say a "quilt", I'm talking straight up BY HAND!  everything is "BY HAND" if she could make the fabric I believe she would. (I love you mom :)

I saw this pin on Pinterest and had to try my own version of it. it was incredibly hard choosing the perfect fabric. but as you know, I heart me some vintage, so chenille was a must! even though my very experienced mum advised against it.

all I did was applique the circles and bind the quilt. my mom (what a great mum) actually did the quilting. I was too fat and hot and miserable with child to finish. I made a lot of mistakes, but learned a lot. I think it turned out rather well (for a beginner)!

but I show you this quilt because I'll soon be posting my Easter baskets for my two children. and in Jett's basket, I took the remaining fabric from this quilt and made a much smaller softy quilt for him to tote around.

p.s. that doll cradle.... it's a $5 thrift find, painted. I so need to have a girl.

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