December 4, 2012

December, you so much fun

this little girl is a little coraline-y amirite?

early morning advent fun
this book is hilarious. we all got a good laugh. even simon.

hair and 11ty billion problem

New decanter. A little early xmas present. So pretty!
nothings sexier than a man in the kitchen. except maybe, while wearing a womans apron. 
well done boys. well done.

yeah that's me trying to run and get in the shot. such a dork

We had a great weekend kicking off the beginning of December! Had a sushi party with some great friends, wrote our letters to Santa, and I even got in a little estate sale'n with Amy (check out those brass round nesting boxes! in. love.And those old school lights.....girrrrrrrl) Simon, our family elf, is back and into everything. Jude loves it. His favorite part of the morning...finding what Simon got into the night before.
December is already kicking my butt. And I love it. 

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