February 22, 2013

Pics of the Week

Milking the Chinese New Year decorations

Home made biscuits (I had a wild hair) with zero buttermilk.
They were like hockey pucks
A late valentine that made our day. Getting things in the mail is the best
Play date with Frankie. This kids blue eyes are gonna break hearts.
Lets make a truck sandwich
Jett running up the phone bill

Amy has amazing vintage toys and furniture. 
It's always so much fun to google the eye candy in every room. The girls got skills.
Crafting while kids nap
This poor kid has been sick as a dog since late Sunday night. 
I bought him an apple bell at the thrift store to ring when he wants his tea and crackers or to toss em. Either way, I'll come running.
Yoda decorating
This kid is obsessed with SHOES!
Getting my reading in while kids sleep. Naps are the best part of the day.
How he sees his mommy 90% of the time. He knows how to use it.
Jett signed gorilla (beating fists on chest) when daddy put on The Rock mask. 
That's RACIST son!

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