March 4, 2013

A little more thrifting

So I thought I'd give one last mash up of my thrifting loot before we embark on a spending fast.
(more on that a little later)
I got this dresser on KSL, an online Utah newspaper, for $30. 
KSL has an insane classified section. It's a bit addicting.
 So this dresser is old. And you can tell it was used. A lot. More than a little. But I don't care. I love it. Those brass scalloped handles, tapered legs, metal drawers. It's so unusual. I'm in love with it. 
This side table was also on KSL for $10. I went back and forth over wanting it or letting it go. Did I need it? No. But it was TEN dollars. When I saw it in person I was so glad I had gotten it. 
I have a serious problem when it comes to these baskets. I can not pass these up. And I use every single one of them for organizing my shiz. I got two bags of them for $2 each.
I actually got this chair a little while back. I look forward to recovering it but I'm waiting for the right material and i couldn't find my freakin staple gun. 
I freakin love these bobbly eyed skulls. Payed $1 each. 
Actually more than I wanted to pay but they grew on me.
Another tin. I'm so predictable. 
This bowl reminds me of a sombrero. 
A magazine rack? 
I picture some summertime lemonade outside on a blanket with this tray. 
It spoke to my southern roots.
 Cock a doodle doo
 Thrifted trays I got awhile back 

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