March 6, 2013

Ikea Hack Cocktail Cart

An Ikea Changing Table as a Cocktail Cart

Thrifted Pitcher
The cherry on top Cocktail Cart Essentials: Flowers, Paper Straws, Fresh Candle. 
Because functional comes second to pretty. 

I got this faux deer head from a great little etsy shop called White Faux Taxidermy
I'm giddy over this guy. We named him Frank.
I'm going to risk the chance that you didn't see that my railing only has the top screw to tell you to ignore the fact that my railing only has the top screw. 
Thrifted vintage glasses

I love cocktail/bar carts. Almost as much as I like touring people's studios or homes. And I love a good redo or upcycle of a vintage cart made into a cocktail/bar cart. I realize not everyone has DI's (God bless Utah) or other awesome thrift stores around town so sometimes we have to actually buy something from a store. As in new. Not previously owned. What is this? Not thrifted? It's possible I buy things new from time to time. Frank is a good example and I couldn't be happier. But don't think I didn't try and find him on KSL first.
It doesn't get any more inexpensive than a $29 wooden Ikea cart with a $2.99 rail. And it works perfectly. And best of all, I didn't have to paint or do a thing to change it other than screw a rail on the front (with only top screws, shut up). So instead of selling that changing table after you're done with the poo's and pee's throw some liquor on it and get yourself a Frank. You can toast to being done with diapers! 

SNIGLAR Changing Table $29.99
BYGEL Railing $2.99

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