July 18, 2013

Stinky, Beautiful Furniture

Let's just say we're all stocked up on chairs around here. 
This butternut squash, old school Anthropologie, velvet ball of love was my first purchase.

I'm not sure what happened in the last few weeks with furniture, but it was completely unplanned. 
It all started with selling our huge sectional sofa in an attempt to downsize and add some much needed personality/funkiness for my rearranging itch. Jordan humors me. often.
This was the first couch. Love the lines. Found it on KSL for $30! Cheap, perfect old school couch with the added bonus of me not caring what the kids did on it.
 Use your crayons. 
Eat your cheerios. 
Do your worst.


It smelled like a damn boat. JUST like a boat. That baked in the sun naugahyde smell was so awful I couldn't even sit on it. That and the cushions slid off every single time I sat on it. 
$30 was making a hell of a lot more sense. So I listed it back on KSL for $35
and sold it immediately to the next sucker who liked the lines and cool mid century legs. 
And who possibly wasn't pregnant and had the nose of a hound dog.

Then there was no couch. 

Then there's the chair invasion.
  I couldn't pass up this chair. I liked it too much. 
My friend Amy went with me to get this chair and had a chair she had just bought off KSL that wasn't working for her and I loved it in person. In pictures it was pretty cute, but in person...I had to have it.
And now we're the proud owners of yet another vintage velvety piece of love. 
(this one stinks as well. i'm beginning to think it might be me)
Then I found this rocker on KSL.
I've been in the market for a good comfy rocker for the new baby. 
I love our Eames rocker, but it's not cushy and post baby crotch friendly. 
The kids love it so I keep it around. And it looks pretty cool.
But this baby is black Elvis velvety scrumptiousness. With old oil based black paint on the wood work. I just freakin love it. And it's really comfortable. 
And...it doesn't stink. 
Then I found "The" couch. 
Or so I thought.
I mean look at this thing. Exactly the colors I've been wanting. The perfect vintage, velvety equation, oozing with awesome rock sauce quality. 
I love the way it looks.
But, it's terribly uncomfortable. Seriously, Jordan would rather lie on the floor than sit on this couch. Which is crazy, I thought all old couches were squishy and total fluff love. 
And..you guessed it

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