October 24, 2013

Our Last Few Weeks In Pics

So we had our sweet little baby boy this last Sunday. I can't wait to share more on that later. For now, lots and lots of sleep and nursing. 

Wet and chilly fall weather. Love this time of year so much.
Caramel apple expert I am not.
 After waiting for what seemed like forever for the caramels to melt enough to dip I finally gave up and just glopped hot caramel onto one apple. The whole bag of caramels on one apple. 
Blink. Blink.
Big. Fat. Fail. 
It was still delicious because the ratio of caramels to apple was pretty awesome.
Jude helping with our rainy day cookies
My pregnant uniform. I have a total of 2 things that fit this body at this point and I refuse to buy more. 
Jude is such a good big brother. So much love for these boys.
Some serious dinosaur downtown invasion. Godzeeeeraaaaahhhhhhh
Getting this kid to look at the camera....impossible.
Way too busy throwing hay.
One of my absolute favorite times is bedtime story reading. Look at that face, he loves that book.
Jude loves rocks. He likes to try and talk people out of his favorites from their collection. 


  1. I can't wait for baby pictures galore! Love these and miss you so much it hurts. Jane and Jude could open a shop with their rock collections.. Haha have you taken him the the rock shop in Moab? It's pretty awesome, though he would go gaga!

    1. If I ever catch up on sleep, we'll smother you in baby photos. And this winter gloom, with zero sunshine, it makes it so hard to get pretty bright ones. For a newb that is :)
      I haven't been to the shop in Moab, it sounds awesome.
      We miss you guys too! Especially now that it's the holiday season. Feels so weird to not have you close :(