January 10, 2014

Around Here

These boys have been helping a lot more with everyday tasks around here. Folding laundry, sweeping, dishes, setting the table and helping cook to name a few. They're so eager to help, I love it. I was in such a habit of just getting everything done myself I was forgetting to teach them the art of keeping a home running and tidy.

that is one dirty floor
we've been doing a bit of juicing around here, have you heard? 
Im going to share our 7 day experience and recipes really soon.
Uncle Monte was in town for a moment. It was so good to see him. Jett loved feelin those whiskers, look at that face :)
He's already too big for the sink. What is happening?!
If you haven't tried this baby line, you have got to! It is the best smelling stuff, and all natural. They have an adult version too that I use every single day.
Oliver's 2 month visit was this week. He's one healthy, happy, boy.
Jett and his HUGE messes. When I hear his door shut I know he's found something awesome to get into and doesn't want me to see him. He gets into his brothers legos at least once a week.
This boy loves his daddy to pieces

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  1. I cannot believe how big they are all getting! Miss those boys & you something fierce. I probably say that every time.. ;)