April 28, 2014


1950's Christmas Village. There's a little hole in the back for the lights to fit into and light them up.
A whole bag of vintage puzzle blocks  

I loved this little, very simple, doll. Jett loves it too. 
I found a whole shelf of these cars this time in different colors and shapes. I got about 6 more. I have a lot of boys to justify that purchase. Right? They're dirt cheap. They're cute. I've already given some away. I find the deals and share. You're welcome.  
Who doesn't love vintage Fisher Price toys? (besides Jordan) 
I found two more of these wooden dinosaur models. Jordan did the dirty work of assembling them. Thanks J-Dizzle 
I have a collection of mismatched vintage pie plates and these fit in with those nicely. 
I guess I collect these now. They seem to find their way too me often. 
I don't know what this plaid tube was meant to be used for...a draft catcher? But it's now a pin cushion. And the roller, at the risk of sounding stupid, I don't really know what it's for either. I know I've seen these for some type of printing. Little things like that come in handy all. the. time. And it was actually in a grab bag of goodies I bought. One of the thrift stores I frequent has walls of miscellaneous stuff put together in grab bags (i think to move more shit, otherwise it'd sit there forever) If you want one thing in that bag, you have to buy the other shit too. 
Vintage metal duck bank 
Vintage Flash Cards. I'm going to have to come up with something cool to do with these. Aside from actually trying to use them for what they were intended.
Vintage clip board 
This is a crazy little Asian locust (I think) toy where you turn the handle and it makes this weird locust/bug sound. The head of it is made of paper. It's pretty dang cool. 
A whole box of vintage laminated worksheets. I think vintage school supplies are perfect for decorating kids spaces. 
Camping gear. The little tin coffee cups are Vietnamese coffee cups. I had to google how to use them. It's similar to a little French Press, which is my favorite. Perfect for camping or single cups of coffee. 
I thought these books were beautiful. I googled them when I got home and they go for ....oh about $100 each. No biggie. And they are in perfect condition.
(The Wind and The Willow, The phoenicians, Charles Darwin: The Voyage Of The Beagle, The Origin Of Species.)
Brass goose or...brass swan.....goose sounds better


  1. Those books are amazing! If you find more will you let me know? I love books like that, and really old pretty books! Thanks!!!

  2. SERIOUSLY! WHERE are you thrifting? You find the BEST stuff EVER!!! By the way, my boring life is back to boring, so let's get together ;)

    1. Hahaha I have no secret places, what can I say, the thrifting gods smile on me often. Let's do it then! Although, now I feel like I'm being run ragged with life. But there's always time for thrifting ;)