May 29, 2014


Jett would kill all of my plants by overwatering them if I let him. Because you involves water. 

Bros that grill together...
Grammy and Oliver on Memorial Day
This flower only opens around 4:00 in the afternoon and closes around 7:00. The boys keep a close watch on it and are amazed how quickly it opens and closes. It's really cool.
When I'm really on my game, I fix the boys their bento boxes the night before for them to grab out of the fridge when they're hungry. They love them. And it's really convenient for me if I haven't quite gotten to lunch before their bellies are rumbling. These kids eat constantly. I feel like a lunch lady most days.
Found a bag of starfish at the thrift store and we turned it into a lesson. These little creatures are very interesting. Jett had fun painting them when we were through.
Jett and his water. He will still gladly do dishes if there's water involved. When he finishes his snacks he runs over to his step stool, pulls it up to the counter and cleans his bowl. Over and over and over again. 
Salt dough. Jude made a volcano, taco, and a boulder
Jett loves his worksheets we work on together
Miquon Math time
Oooo This POLE!!

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