December 6, 2016


  Jordan's sister was so kind to take the time on her trip to Utah this year to capture our little family in all of it's chaos.
 I have always put off having family photos done. I don't think I'm alone. I hate to be in front of the camera among many other reasons. My experience has always been a nightmare. Kids frustrated, MOM know how it goes.  But the older I get the more Im able to realize, who cares. Yes, I have a few pounds to lose, yes my dress is too short because it shrunk the day before pictures, yes my hair is recovering from my annual bad decision to cut and bleach it... But screw it! We did it. And she did an amazing job capturing personalities and our home life. And I love this little family of mine. Dirty feet, messy house, fried hair/no hair, bad outfits and all.

A huge thank you to Jen! 

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