January 25, 2012

It all started with....

These suitcases started it all....

My sister first introduced me to recovering suitcases a couple of years back. I went nuts. The men didn't quite get just how incredibly cute these were, but my sister and I were totally on the same page! I could not wait to try my own. I've been hooked ever since.

I thrift as often as I can and I've managed to find quite a few of these vintage suitcases. It felt a little like they were taking over my house at one point. But I just couldn't pass them up knowing their potential. This one in particular is one of my favorites. It has a little more unique shape and color than most. It was actually originally an old sewing machine case. I asked if I could just buy the case. He obliged. Score!

Here's a few more
 ok... more than a few

So now if you want to try one yourself, here's a quick how to

A few simple tools
  • fabric
  • scissors
  • boning tool/butter knife  (anything that's thin enough to tuck the fabric into the crease)
  • inexpensive paint brush 
  • Mod Podge ( I do recommend using the real stuff, not homemade, here's why Mod Podge)
  • and of course a suitcase to your liking

I lay the fabric onto the suit case and cut out the shape leaving just enough to tuck into the crease. Be aware of how straight your print is before you cut. For example, the plaid suitcase above was cut centering the four plaid stripes.

Always iron the cut out piece. If there's wrinkles, it will be really hard to get them out once you've layed it on the glue.

Now put a coat of Mod Podge onto one side of the suit case. Not too thick and not too thin.

Lay the ironed fabric onto the glue making sure its straight while covering all of the sides. Again, be careful when using fabric with prints like this one. It's very easy to apply it crooked. Once it's centered start tucking in the fabric with your boning knife or tool of choice.

Bam! You are done! 
Unless of course you want a hard glossy finish on top to prevent (insert kid damage of choice here)
Then you would apply more coats of Mod Podge until desired texture. Making sure it's completely dry before each new coat.
Theeeeen you're done!
Enjoy my friends, enjoy!


  1. These are so cute! I found your site via a pin on Pinterest. I also just found some older suitcases on a local auction site, so I really hope I win them for cheap so I can make some of these for myself! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! Aren't they fun. I never tire of these beauts! I'd love to see them when you're done. Please share :) And I'd love to know what auction site you're talking about.