February 6, 2012

All ya need is LOVE

I'm not one to decorate for every Holiday. But kids make you want to squeeze every bit of fun and love out of everything, including them. But I find it challenging (in a good way) to celebrate with the same style I decorate. Does that make sense? I like to find unique ways to make the holidays special and still feel like my home represents my taste.

This garland has been up since Christmas. But I love it so much, it has yet to get old. In fact it's hung in my studio as well :) I found it on Pam Garrison's blog here  pamgarrison.typepad.com  And let me just say I WENT NUTS!! Thank you Pam!

What I used                                                                         
  • hemp twine
  • old music sheets
  • old books
  • old sewing patterns
  • natural and white coffee filters
  • doilies

    I love that this heart just happened to read "Pretty Girl Milking Her..."

    I folded them down the middle (shown here) and found this easier to line them up when hanging them

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