February 7, 2012

Stick A Pin In It

Tomato Pin Cushions

I tried the tops in different felt colors. I ended up liking the green ones the best. So you'll see a few with pink, red and various other colors for the little leaf top. Whatever makes you happy 

Again with the Martha Stewart, I know. But I came across these years ago on her site and I just thought it was brilliant. I ended up tweeking the pattern a little for my own personal taste. And I found the round pattern to be the easiest. You be the judge. tomato pin cushion tutorial

I have a problem with deciding which color schemes I like best sometimes. I can certainly appreciate the fun pinks and reds and the cool blues and greens. But I find myself gravitating towards the natural whites and cremes the most. But that didn't stop me from making every combination I could get my hands on. A lot of thrift fabric was used. Along with old tunics and moomoo's. This is a great project to get rid of the scrap fabric you've been hoarding. We all do it. 

What do y'all think? Which one's are your favorites? 


  1. I sure could use some of these and i would love them in any color. I hate the stupid red ones you buy at the store, I have some fabric that would be great for these I am going to try them! Beautiful blog, girl you' e been blessed with many talents.

  2. You're very sweet. Thank you! I'll have to send you some:) But you should still make some too. They're fun. I love the small ones, they're great for little projects I do while watching tv or a movie at night.