February 20, 2012

A Simple Solution

I have always enjoyed finding new ways to organize things in my home. And since I get so many comments on my scarfs, I thought I'd share one of mine.

  I have a thing for scarfs. I like to have full access to them so I can match and see everything I have. I hate to have to dig for things. And I find when things are easy to put away they actually get put away.

And as my friends and family well know, my accessories most often become a theme for parties at my house. I end up dressing my guest up like paper dolls and play paparazzi. It's a good time. For me at least. So instead of these residing in my closet, they're in my hallway for full access to winter walks and unsuspecting guest at parties. 

I just used an IKEA BYGEL rail  for $1.99, you can't beat that. 

BYGEL Rail IKEA Can also be used as a towel rail or a pot lid rack. Saves space on the countertop.

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