March 19, 2012

Birthday Goodies

Can you tell I'm really into natural colors and textures these days? 

Squealed over this little red tin with a handle!
Does anyone remember Tretorn shoes? Or was that just a southern thing? Well no matter. These "Tretorn" wellies brought back some memories despite my husband thinking I'm making up southern style trends.
I know what you're thinking, more vintage books. The answer is always yes. When I die, they'll have to dig me out of piles of books. 
How great is this book?! 
And last but certainly not least, are my two FAVORITE finds this weekend. Are you ready for this? 
An ANTHROPOLOGIE blanket worth an, eh hum, Anthropologie price! But I only paid $10 which is actually a lot for me. I basically want things free. I mean, don't they know IT'S MY BIRTHDAY, HELLO?!  I wanted to text the POPE and scream in his ear over this one! And I love me some 70's tumblers. A little gold, a little blue, just perfect.

Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Love it all, but I've got to tell you that I never saw anything in the 70's as pretty as those glasses. :-)

  2. my recipie box is just like that.