March 16, 2012

Easter Grass

Have you started your Easter grass yet? You better hop to it 
(see what I did there? Hop to it. I know, I'm super witty)

We grow Easter (wheat) grass every year at our house. Jude is always so excited when we start the Easter baskets because he knows that basket will soon be filled with SUGAR! Little does he know that the Easter Bunny went all healthy on him this year. Yeah, I'm not kidding. I came up with a basket full of cute, fun "Easter things" that weren't covered, smothered, and dipped in sugar. I'll be sharing their baskets and sugarless goodies really soon. 
But for now, if you want to get started on your own "Real Grass" Easter basket. Here's a quick how to. 
Whatever container you'll be using you need to line it with some type of bag. I just use plastic grocery bags.
fill the container with potting soil and then trim the plastic bag. I then give the soil a really good soak before I sprinkle my wheat so they don't float into clumps (you want them evenly distributed). Then you can spray the top really good to get it nice and wet. If you want to jump start it you can soak just the wheat in a bowl of water overnight then add to soil the next day.
Then cover your basket or bowl with plastic wrap. I ran out of plastic wrap and used a zip lock bag. Keep your wheat in a sunny warm place and watch it grow! Keep it moist! I just used a spray bottle of water and sprayed it daily. Once the grass hits the plastic wrap you can take it off. But keep it watered.
Now go make yourself a wheat grass smoothie and wait for that Bunny

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