March 15, 2012

Washi Tape

Loving the guts out of some washi tape

Washi tape or Japanese paper, has been something I have always admired from afar. I've loved the idea of it and what people use it for (so creative), but I had yet to actually buy me some. Well no longer. After strolling pages of these tapes I finally decided on a nice little starter set. I seriously want to tape everything in my house! I walk around looking for things to tape! They are so incredibly cute!  I bought mine from this great little website

There's so many it was incredibly hard to pick just a few....or 5. But I've decided to get a few each month so I won't feel like I need to buy 150 at once and tape the town. So, easy does it Ardelle (that's me), easy does it.


  1. cute clothespins!! Here's some more ideas for you!