March 7, 2012

A Few More Decoupaged Goodies

While I'm working on a few posts that take a little extra time, I thought I'd share some more of my glued goods.
I got a large bag of blocks from the local thrift store for dirt cheap. And all of that raw space beckoned me to add a little some-n some-n. Decoupage is always in my art holster.
Just like the decoupage spools you simply add the glue then place on paper of choice. You can fit these pretty tightly together. After they've dried for a few minutes use an exacto knife to cut them out. Apply a few more coats making sure to let them dry completely in between each one. Then sand the edges with a fine sand paper (about a 110)
(The same applies for the projects below)

You could also do a baby hanger to display that one really cute outfit in the nursery. You feelin the "Decoupage Bug" yet? You ain't right if you're not! Now get to gluing!


  1. Figured it out!! What a run around! Anyways... Your stuff: cute, cute and cute! Love