March 8, 2012

It's Show Time

 I picked up these funny little marionette puppets guessed it, my local thrift store. The guy hadn't even put them on the shelf yet. He just happen to be walking by and I almost took his arm off getting to them. By my husbands reaction when he saw them, I think they were safe. Eye of beholder people. Eye. Of. Beholder.

So naturally I had to make a little curtain so we could put on some kick *#@ shows! 
(You like how I censored that for ya?)
Pop some corn! It's marionette time!
This is quite possibly the creepiest doll ever. I thought it was so funny I had to get it. I mean, it was only 50 cents. After we all got a good laugh, I put it in my son's room. He politely asked me to remove the creepy doll because it was giving him nightmares. True story. Now I use it to get him to listen. He'll learn not to tell me his weaknesses. 
 (This may or may not have been around Halloween time when we let him watch Chucky)

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  1. hahaha poor little guy, I agree, puppets are creepy as h*#$!! ;)