March 8, 2012


 I have never in my life liked dates. Ever. And if you had offered me a platter full of, what looks like colossal roach egg sacs, I would have politely declined. And I consider myself an open minded eater. I'll try just about anything. Hello, I'm married to an Asian man who eats chicken feet and moving squid. Exactly. So when I opened my beautiful tin full of...these, I almost thought it was a joke. But I tried one. And LET ME TELL YOU. They are DELICIOUS! Like unbelievably delicious. I thought the only way I could eat dates were dried in my mueslix. Well no longer sister! 

You know you're getting old when you eat and like beets and dates. The end is near.


  1. Well I'm sold. Bring on the roach egg sacs! Haha you and your powers of description!

    1. Hahaha And if people knew how much I HATED roaches, they'd understand the depth of that comment!