March 11, 2012

Saturday Loot

You know, very rarely do I leave the thrift store empty handed. And this Saturday was no exception.
What is it with pool balls? I have no idea. But when I see a bag of these suckers I can not help myself. Especially the old weathered ones.
I saw this suit case from afar and sprinted over to it. I've never seen one zip up like this before. I'm in love with my lil red overnight bag thank you very much

Another sewing bag I know right?! It's got some crazy Golden Girls material but it's in perfect condition. And I love the little detail on the handles and the Mr. T gold chain link...yes you do sewing bag, yes you do! Gitch ya bling on!

I actually got this bag a while back but haven't posted it yet. My husband gave me the "Good Lawd" look when I squealed and grabbed it. I think he secretly hopes I won't use this on "date night". 

I don't know, am I crazy? I just love this purse. I thought it was cute. I am clearly digging the blues and greens lately
No thrfting is complete without some vintage books. Black beauty, you gonna be beautiful on my shelf with ya gold leaf
Candles are hella expensive (with the exception of IKEA) And I rarely find good candles at the thrift store. But I saw these beautiful pillars from afar and actually dropped one (there was 4) trying to snatch em up. So 3 beautiful candles it is. $1 each. I know rigggght?!


  1. girrrrrrl you're good. love that red suitcase!