June 12, 2012

Fresh Start

 i've been up to a complete reorganizing and styling of my house these past few weeks....errr, maybe longer.  there's a shifting in my style that is a bit consuming right now. i've always had an appreciation for so many different styles, which has made it almost impossible to find the perfect one for me. i love to thrift (hi, have we met?). and with thrifting comes a whole heep of goodies  that makes for a bit of a cluster (you know what) at home. so. i've learned, simple is key. this is what's going to make me the happiest. organization and style go hand in hand in my head. i'm 34 years old and just realizing what truly makes me happy.

there's been a few influences in my drive for change. a big one has been the very popular book, the happiness project by gretchen rubin. it's a good one folks. there is something very therapeutic about getting rid of your crap. even if it's pretty crap.  i'm a big believer in less is more these days. and so the pile of "no thank you's" are going to turn into a yard sale....once again. thankfully this house has the perfect set up for a sale. even in the middle of summer. drinks in hand, we will be ready to take your money and downsize to a more simple, less stressed life. as soon as we get back from our stessfree vacation.

here's a quick peek of half of the studio 

i believe i payed $5 for this rugged little cabinet. like many things in my house, it was never completely finished, but it'll do.  it's the perfect size for my smaller fabric collection. 

the folding people. the folding. it's sometimes enough to keep me from using the fabric because i'll have to refold it. i know. my life is unbearable. 

i had such a hard time figuring out a good way to store my scrap fabric. i can't handle the mess and clutter of it all. so i stole my son's old laundry basket.  hey, we're all making sacrifices.

zoolander here is enjoying his lunch while still in his pj's.
(thrifted lunch tray in the perfect mint)
fresh cherries
granola bar
fish crackers
turkey, avocado, mixed greens and wheat bread sandwich
almond milk
2 oreos (dbl stuff of course)
we're off to florida on thursday for a good 13 days. it'll be so good to see family, relax on the beach, and eat some fantastic food. now to finish the laundry

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