June 28, 2012

Home Sweet Home

so we're finally back from our vacation in florida and man what a vacation it was. we had so much fun. i had looked forward to it for so long and in a flash it's come and gone. but no matter how wonderful a trip is, it's always so nice to get home. i've missed my garden and dog. and now back to the (sometimes overwhelming) task of weeding through everything in our home. and so the therapy continues. less is more. less is more. humming my mantra all along. this is going to be one hell of a yard sale folks. 

i always feel like i should have taken more pictures. and trying to get great shots with my canon seemed a bit out of the question with the water and sand. so 99% of these were taken with my phone. and you instagramers ignore the doubles, or should i say enjoy the doubles.

i was so worried jett was going to hate the sand. not only did he love it, he wasn't constantly trying to put it in his mouth. jude loved being buried. the thought of it makes my eye twitch.

jett still trying to figure out the facial hair

jett sure loved pawpaw

searching for shells with his cousin gracie

this gun show is always open

i'm on a boat

me and the boys on one of our last days there

jordan proving my hat could be manly

pawpaw throwing the cast net and catching us dinner

jude helping swab the deck...or something. the mistake was giving the boy a hose

when im old and look like a wallet i'll have the pictures to prove it was worth it

the squealer 

jude. with a knife.

fresh mullet dinner

just a lil storm a brewin. we sat on the swings and squealed as the waves splashed us through the boards on the dock

my handsome tan boys

me and jett. this kids a camera grabber just like jude. 

rub a dub in tha hot tub

excuse the horse teeth. i was excited about his first cheetoh

blue lips from a snow cone

i have such fond memories of hitting the souvenir shops and pouring over the thousands of cheap nicnacs i thought were the funnest thing ever. it's fun to watch my kids do the same. for the first hour.

this food. oh how i miss this food. we hit the famous joe pattys seafood market. that place gets bigger every time i visit 

and this lucky boy got to visit the pit of the plane after our flight home. the captain even gave him his hat for the money shot.


  1. loved every picture, so did Jane! SO happy you had a great time!

    1. :) Thanks. We really did. Florida is always a good idea

  2. I love the photos- honestly, I really like my "Big Camera" but my iPhone photos are some of my favourites. It's so easy and fun to get great casual photos, and you did a fabulous job here. I have to say, not only is your family beautiful but you are absolutely radiant! It looks like you were having an amazing time- glad you enjoyed yourself :)

    1. Well thank you so much Kyla. Rest=Radiance I believe. And thank you for the picture input. I suppose I feel less than professional when I use my phone. But you're right. Here's to casual, iphone money shots!
      P.S. I feel a tad like a celebrity took the time to visit my blog. Totally made my day :)