August 1, 2012

Egg White Omelet Salad

i've been eating a ton of salad as of late.

 long story short, my youngest son jett, has a dairy intolerance and i went completely off dairy right after i started nursing. i felt like the only safe thing to eat were salads. luckily, i've learned a few more tricks. 
but one of my very favorite salads that really fill me up (nursing and running make. me. ravenous!) and have some serious flavor, are my egg white omelet salads. 
you see, i can't bring myself to eat salad dressing. every now and then i'll use balsamic vinegar and some oil or some freshly squeezed lemon. but i can not stand store bought dressing. home made, different story. store bought, YUCK! so i rely on avocado as my creamy go to goodness. and it is seriously good.

whatever veggies i have stocked are game for this recipe
of course, it's an omelet, right?

  • organic, pure extra virgin coconut oil
  • garlic (elephant garlic is amazing)
  • green onion
  • white /yellow /red onion ( any or all...i like onions ok)
  • mushrooms
  • red/yellow/orange/green peppers (any or all)
  • fresh basil/ cilantro 
  • sprouts 
  • tomatoes (heirlooms are amazing. the flavor will knock your business socks off!)
  • avocado
  • bed of mixed greens (i use anything and everything)
  • adobo sauce (optional)

just saute your veggies in the coconut oil
beat your egg whites and pour on top
before i flip my omelet i add my fresh basil
i add my tomatoes and avocados to the fresh salad uncooked along with sprouts. oh, sprouts make it so good. i also added quinoa. it's all the rage right now so i'm sure you've heard of it. if you haven't. you absolutely have to try it. it really is delicious and incredibly good for you. it's gluten free, high in protein and a 100% whole grain. it also takes minimal time to cook. it's been a fantastic first food for jett. 

when i don't add quinoa and i want some extra zip. adobo sauce is the bees knees people. a little goes a long way. i actually freeze mine and just scrape a little off into my veggies when sauteing. blow up some balloons for the party that's about to rock in your mouth. yeah, yeah..that's what she said. 

cheers to filling salads! good luck

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