July 29, 2012

Baby Signs

we've been teaching our youngest to sign. it's pretty amazing how quickly he has caught on. (eh hum, we're saving for an ivy league school) he's 10 months old and he's already signing back 3 signs.  "more" (seen in picture above) "lights" and "milk milk" (meaning, the boobies)
there's something to this asian stereotype

in other bragging news...

meet our blue hubbard squash. i think i may have picked it a tad early. i couldn't wait any longer. every morning it teased me as i watered the garden. 
i baked it with a little coconut oil. no salt. no pepper. just naked with oil. the buttery party in my mouth was a bit danielle steel-y. in other words, it was delicious. jett gobbled it up with quinoa and avocado.

these are our english cucumbers. they're so sweet. and shaped like flowers when you cut them. nature's so girly.
this is our butternut squash. there are two of these suckers. and they also beg me to be plucked before their prime. i want to rip them from the vine and hold them up like simba from the lion king and shout...I GREW THESE NUTTER BUTTERS!!!!
i'm so proud of my veggies i blog about em. what is wrong with me?
our pumpkins are ripening to perfection
as are our watermelons

and so i don't just blog about veggies 
 here's a lovely picture of us trying to get a simple family photo..no easy task
this is what i like to call my stepford wives gaze.
 we're enjoying a little baseball action as a family. it was a good time. 
my face doesn't lie.

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