August 12, 2012

First Meal Of The Day

i've been a smoothie drinker for quite a while but i've recently taken up "green smoothie" drinking. and even more recently (thanks to my sister in law who has been such an influence on me with food) i've discovered this and have been educated and inspired to start a raw food way of life.

you know, tons of veggies, beans, legumes, no meat and sugar. and adding bee pollen to my smoothies. yes. bee pollen. i ate my own placenta (they were pills, i didn't make a lasagna and invite my friends for dinner) you would have thought i'd heard of bee pollen.
 seriously though, i can't say enough about this program. i know this sounds like an infomercial but i'm not even kidding. 
so if bee pollen wasn't a deal sealer, let's discuss detoxing. it's a bitch. at first we felt fantastic. then our bodies were like, wait just a damn minute. (they're going down swinging. like mike tyson) so this detoxing? it's code for tons of gas, nausea and fatigue. if i didn't know any better, i'd say i'm pregnant again. yay whole foods. my farts now rival my dogs.
baby steps.
we're getting there.

 we purchased a blender to use along with our juicer.
then this happened.
 before the sun had even risen, my kitchen looked like a scene from hell raiser.
 i'm still finding beet splatter 

two things i learned that morning. put the lid on TIGHT and juice some veggies and then add them to the smoothie. otherwise, it's a lot like veggie pudding. by the time i add enough ice and water to get the right consistency, i could feed an army of 20.

 this is what works for me
i like to juice:
sweet potato/yams
and add this juice to my green smoothie

what i put in my smoothies whole:
strawberries/mango/mixed frozen berries
beet greens
bok choy
broccoli rabe
collard greens
mustard greens
turnip greens
and of course
lettuce and salad greens

of course i don't use all of these every single time. but i buy a wide variety and put a little of each green in every smoothie for a variety of nutrition.

i've never pooped so much in my life.

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