August 13, 2012

Back At It

i popped into my local thrift store to just see if they had any great books. my friend (you know who you are and i blame you) was looking for some vintage garden books and i felt it my duty to cover the southern part of utah for her. 

you knew i couldn't stay away from thrifting forever. well i knew. my husband hoped. 
and ohhhh how i've missed it. 
and of course they had loads of incredible things. i had to be choosey so i don't turn my home into sanford and son. it happens quicker than you think.
so i found this beautiful vintage colindar. it makes me as happy as the color of those lemons.

here's a few a more finds

i. love. tins. this one made the top 3. congratulations you tangerine tin of flowers and love. i will fill you with goodies very soon.
$2 picnic basket. it had some stains on the top so i covered it in some thrifted material. matches the metal gold handles perfectly.
why yes that is a toilet paper holder staged in front of the fireplace. 
it looks like copper, but it's not. i did the magnet test. it failed. but i'm still a winner. 
happy moments while tending my bum with this new addition. 

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