September 26, 2012

Birthday Loot

 i had to share a few things my friend amy brought by for jett's birthday.
this bib has been all the rage at my house. it catches the messiest of meals from decorating my floor. love the number stencils. (thanks for the extras) i see these puppies being used on my christmas advent calendar really soon. yay for freebies!
this hat. mercy this hat. love this hat.

not only was the produce deelish, check out these vintage little baskets. love little details like this. thanks amy. you're the best. but you're making me miss my garden.
ok. and so how cute is this swing?! my sister in law made it. i'm surrounded by people who are far more crafty than i. jett absolutely loves it. look at that face. 

this was the extent of the decorating for this little man's b-day. some garlands strung from the windows that took entirely too long to make. 
note to self: try not to move during holidays and celebrations. it makes for a week of beating myself up over not doing everything on my list.

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