September 24, 2012

Tonsillectomy... Check

i didn't get much sleep last night thinking about this little boys surgery this morning.
but he was as cool as a cucumber. totally relaxed. cracking jokes with anesthesia. he had a fantastic surgeon and anesthesiologist. it was all over so quickly with zero complications. they said he woke up so calmly without any tears and no throwing up. if i had said let's go play soccer he would have said ok. i would have never known he had had any kind of surgery today. kids are amazingly resilient.

mom, it's very important i don't bend this finger. that's right son. very, very important. you will break their machine. 
mom, we get to keep these socks? we can take these socks home? they won't care if i leave with these here socks on my feet?
 yes son. and the petri dish of bacteria too. it's an early christmas.
woody agreed to have his tonsils ripped out too. as long as jude shared the lortab.  

who knew surgery was so much fun. wagon rides, ice cream and narcotics every 4 hours. disney land you suck.

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