September 23, 2012

One Year And Counting

Happy Birthday Jett

i can't help but relive your birth over and over again. the potpourri of ugly and beauty. i was not a glamorous pregnant mom. i gained a ton of weight. it's taken me a full year to be able to look at these photos and appreciate the beauty instead of the fat. i'll get fat any day for one of my beautiful babies. it was worth every stretch mark and pound gained. here's to you baby jett.
(birthing photos courtesy of my wonderful sis n law becky leung)
i cry every single time i look through these. i can tap into those emotions that flowed through me like electricity at just one glance. child birth is a miraculous thing. 

here's some of our favorites of our little asian boyee

now that i'm feeling somewhat settled (and have found the battery and charger for my camera amongst the moving boxes) i'll post pics from his small little family birthday celebration. 
my sweet baby boy is one. 
my other baby boy, now 6, is having a tonsillectomy bright and early tomorrow morning. he's very excited. we've made all of the preparations for his speedy recovery. including home made dairy free ice cream, which we sampled last night. and italian ice. i'll share my favorite recipes. 
may it soon be over and i can quit worrying.

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