August 20, 2012

Big Decisions

there's some big changes for the leung family. we've recently decided to make the move to a smaller, cheaper home. one that's closer to jordan's work and the city. we need to save for our dream home. the home that i decorate and paint in my sleep. the one that i long to do yard work and build tree houses. the one that i've dedicated a board on pinterest to decorating and organizing. the one that i've wanted for...years. 

so we're making big sacrifices now to get there sooner. much sooner. and i'm giddy with excitement for whats in store.

here's a goodbye to the house we've loved 

awww...having baby jett in our room. sweet, sweet memories.
goodbye kitchen nook, with all your beautiful light and bench seating
goodbye garden. what will i blog/brag about without you?

i'm excited about having jude's school right up the road from our house along with a local grocery store. i wanted to live somewhere i could walk places so we wouldn't necessarily need another car. i've become quite the minimalist no? it has a fantastic view of the mountains and is in quite a hilly neighborhood which means my morning runs are going to kick my ass. i better get a killer playlist going.
we have 12 days to get packed and move. all of this while jude is sick as a dog and 1st grade starts on tuesday. so bring on the boob sweat and beer. we got some packin to do.

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