November 29, 2012


I finally got around to putting together our little mini bar. I would love to do a bar cart. So would my 15 month old. Something new to destroy! Weeee! So a counter mini bar will do for now. To celebrate our pretty little liquors we decided to make a new cocktail. So we hopped on the google to get inspired. Then...
I had a great idea. So Jordan and I are always talking about trying new drinks. The famous ones we hear on tv shows or movies and have no idea what's in them. Especially while watching Mad Men. (They get down on some drinkin in that show) And neither one of us have ever been big drinkers. Most nights we drink wine or beer. And I love them both. But there's so many cocktails that we haven't tried. 
It ends now! 
We are going to to be adventurous! And not only are we going to try new drinks, we're going to keep a journal on the drinks we try. Great idea right?! I know! And I have just the journals. My friend Amy made some kick ass journals from old books. Don't ask me how, some crazy machine and her awesome imagination. And I love them. And they're the perfect journals for our debauchery.

Perfect title Petersen! It's as if you created this book with me in mind.
Absolutely love the pattern on the inside. Groovy.
This one was Jordans pick. All of them are so funny and clever. Such a great idea. 

Even Jude got in on the action. Listen, if he's old enough to cut his hair, he's old enough to drink! 
And speaking of him cutting his own hair, while reading our Lemony Snicket series last night i looked over at him and realized he had gotten ahold of some scissors again! He thought he'd show Vanilla Ice how it's done. He totally cut lines in his eyebrows.
 Kids will drive you to drink. 
True story.

Of course Jude doesn't get to drink. But he was still pretty stoked to log his favorite foods and tv shows. And make washi tape x-mas trees. 

And here's the recipe we started with. And before you read it and pass silent judgement on our out of season choice...It's red. It's X-mas time. And it's alcoholic so who cares. 

First, melon ball some watermelon and freeze for your ice cubes. cute and delicious.
Second, blend the watermelon in your fabulous blender (the recipe calls for you to strain it when done but I went for it, fiber and all. F U strainer)
  • gin
  • lime juice 
  • ginger ale 
Omit the gin and you've got a great mochtail. And yes I'm sure this drink is fabulous on a beach. Or... in my kitchen while snowing. 
Suck em down and enjoy your kids.

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