November 27, 2012

Our Tree

Friday after Thanksgiving, we made a trip up into the mountains to cut down our family tree this year. It was a gorgeous day. And while most of the world was shopping we were working our ass off to get our mini tree.

The view was amazing. Utah really is gorgeous.

A real man
cock a doodle do

Jordan hiked the hill with Jett on his back in about a foot and a half of snow. Sawed the tree down. Hiked back while dragging the tree behind him. It was quite the workout. 

Jude had a great time sledding. We got some great videos. Such a great day. 
Notice Judes hair. He cut it. He was working on some art work and his hair was in his eyes. So he cut it. My little problem solver.

We cranked our X-mas music and decorated our tree Leung style. With theatrical props and laughter.

Jude is so sweet to Jett. Those two are so much love
All of the ornaments this year were thrifted or handmade. It made for a very simple inexpensive tree. It's one of my favorites.

I had a few minutes before we headed up the mountain with our group to go cut down our tree. And I couldn't help but run into a thrift store that was calling my name. 
And I'm so glad I did. Aside from some really great vintage childrens books, I found these...
Love this little chinese basket
This gold lamp. So much love.
This blanket is so soft. And in perfect condition. 
My nutcracker I got last year at a thrift store with all of my tins for my holiday goodies. I'll be sharing our advent calendar later this week. So many fun things. Freakin love this time of year.

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