November 15, 2012

DIY Snowman Kit

In gearing up for our big snow storm we bought a few snowman kits at a local wood shop for about $6.
 I actually used food coloring for the carrot. My hands are still orange. 

Henry suffers from a severe case of rosacea. He's very sensitive about it. 
Jude liberally applied some red food colored water in a spray bottle for Henrys masculine glow. Jude is also responsible for those beautiful acorn capped eyes. 

Unfortunately the snow was not great for building a snowman but excellent for snowboarding. We had to wait for it to melt some to be able to make Henry the snowman. Our snow is pretty much gone now. We're awaiting the next storm to make Henry a little Mrs. 


  1. What wood shop did you get that kit at? I am looking for something EXACTLY like that!

  2. If you could email me at that would be great!!

  3. I am also looking for this same set, would you mind sharing with me where you got it?