November 9, 2012

DIY Thanksgiving/Fall Decorations

LOVE this time of year. Here's some quick Thanksgiving/Fall crafts to festive it up!

Found this wreath here and got inspired. Here's my version

I started out making a leaf garland by sewing these cut out leaves together and hated the way it looked. Then I realized they looked pretty cool cut apart. So I did 2 different kinds of leaves. For the big wreath I sewed the leaves down the middle in a long garland strand and cut them apart. Then fold them down the center.
For the smaller wreaths i just free handed them and cut them out leaving the chalk, cause I kinda like it. 
You simply glue or tape these puppies on your wreath form.

I also realized these sewn leaves would make some cool feathers. So I cut some and threw em on a head band for Jude.
Even though it's snowing like crazy this morning, I'm still focused on Fall and Thanksgiving. So we made our own Fall leaves.
We just used a little glue stick and slapped em on our windows. I quite like it.
And then we couldn't stop there. We decided to stick em on candles as well. 
Any ideas on where else to stick em? (shut up)
I'd love to see or hear your ideas. 
Get to craftin!

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