November 7, 2012

My Favorites of the Week

The colors are still amazing on our little afternoon walks to get brother from school. 

This tree is my favorite. Jett and I always stop and look up while underneath it and Jett says, "TREE!"
This is the official unwind mode after a long day of school and an uphill walk home.
I see a chiropractor in Jetts future. 

I thought I'd share some of my favorite finds this week. 

JCrew, Italian leather. $3 Threeeeee dollars! I remember seeing these online and wanting a pair. The best things come to those who wait doesn't only apply to ketchup on a dog my friend. 
I love this wire mag rack for a buck and a half. 

And this one for a buck. We've used it for mail beside our key basket.

I'm doing a natural color pallet for Xmas this year. I found a big box full of these little wooden...things at the DI . Some clearly ornaments. Others, well....magnets in my eyes.
This beetle beckoned to be on my icebox!

And last but not least, this awesome little chord jacket from gymboree! Perfectly new and only $4 Is it wrong for me to tell the price? Because that's what makes it so great, right?! 
Love the elbow patches

And if you follow me on Instagram (greenardelle) you've seen me gush on these pups! I was lucky enough to score these from a friend of a friend. The crush still hasn't worn off. 
Welcome to my humble home you big, blue ,beautiful worlds! 
(did you notice the ones on the fridge as well? cough cough)

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