December 13, 2012

I Spy DI (Xmas edition)

I've been looking for one of these and finally found one in a zip lock bag in pieces stuffed under a pile of junk. $2 All of the pieces were there, I couldn't believe it.
I freakin love these angels! I found 6 of these. I thought they were pretty unique
I was actually going to have Jordan make me a tree like this and I found one for .50
I've been collecting these for a few years now. I'm always thrilled when I find a new one to add to the family. My latest one looks like he was a little heavy handed with the bronzer or vacationed in Florida in the off season. 

This thing. This. Thing. It took me a minute to figure out what it was at the store. And I thought it was just steps. Kids love climbing things. So I thought, he'd love this!
And he did. Then I realized.....
It's also a rocker type see saw when you flip it over. So. Cool.
Jett freakin loves it!
Can't get enough of these old books. The illustrations are perfect.

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