December 10, 2012

DIY Holiday Garlands

Here's a few of the garlands I'm putting on my tree and windows for the Holidays this year.
 I love the snow garland. It looks great in windows! I started out with cotton balls and quickly decided F' that. They do not string well. So I headed to the craft store and bought the little white cotton puff balls you see here. Not as cheap as cotton balls, but they don't send me into drinking mode while stringing them. 
Just use some fishing line or any sort of clear string. Tie a little knot where you want the puff ball to sit and slide it on. Insanely easy. I freakin love em!
The other garland here I learned from my awesome sister in law Becky. Also very simple and super cute. I used this garland as a sort of mobile above my sons bed from the ceiling. This year I'm going to drape on our xmas tree. 
Just cut 3 or 4 little circles, depending on what size you want the flowers to be. Then fold the circles in half and in half again and sew the ends together. I stagger them to make it a little more full. Then I just sew a few loops around this hemp twine to make my garland. Crazy easy. It's one of my favorites.

Now the paper garland is from all of my scraps. I use old sewing pattern paper, old music sheets, newspapers, magazines. Anything that fits the color scheme would work. It's the same as this one found  here just a smaller version. A little more time consuming but worth it. That sewing pattern paper gives it such a soft look. In love.


  1. Love the snowballs!! Wonder why the cotton balls didn't string? Loving your craftiness!

  2. They gripped really bad and it gave me the willies! You would think a needle would slice right through em but not the case. These cotton puffs slid right on. Go figure. And thank you :)