January 14, 2013

2013, You're Gonna Rock!

A few resolutions

I'm getting a tiny delay on my resolutions this year. The plague (aka the flu) has been sweeping through Utah and it left no one untouched at our house. So over the holidays we were battling our bugs instead of enjoying our time off and family. But it gave me a lot of time to think and plan what I wanted to happen this year. With myself, my family, the blog. It's been fun and I'm really excited about this year. It's gonna be a good one.
  • Make more time for reading As much as I love it, I always feel like there's so many things I need or should be doing instead of reading. I have a hard time sitting down and taking time for me. So to combat this I'm going to choose a new book a month. I'll be sharing them here.
  • Make a weekly menu for dinners and Judes lunch I've been in a terrible rut of letting the day get away from me and come dinner time I have nothing planned and we resort to eating quick, less than healthy foods. It's shameful. So far so good and I'm really enjoying it. Again, as much as I love cooking and looking through my cookbooks, I don't make time for it. 
  • Less social media I'm with Tina Fey, my life is nothing to tweet about. So bye bye Twitter. Bye bye Facebook. Instagram, you weren't half bad, but you were a little time consuming. Best decision ever. I have so much more time for things I really love. 
  • Organize and print family photos It's shameful how long it's been since i've actually printed out one of my digital photos. It's overwhelming the amount of photos to sort through. But come the end of this year they will be organized and printed in books and some hung on the wall. mark. my. words. 
  • Run my first 2 races I'll be signing up for a 5K Saturday April 20th (my 1st race ever) to gear me up for my half marathon on July 27th. I thought last year would be "the year" but one thing after another happened and well...it didn't happen. Not this year. I've always wanted to do a race. I'm very excited.
  • Take a picture of our family every month It's not a 365 challenge but it's one that I find much more realistic for me (at least for now). And, I'm really excited about finally taking our picture all together. There are so few pictures of me. I'm trying to get over this fear/hatred of being in front of the camera. I'm forcing myself to do at least one a month.

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