January 31, 2013

Our Family

As promised, a picture of our family once a month for 12 months in 2013

  • This kid has lost 2 more teeth. Braces are going to be inevitable. 
  • He's very interested in helping around the house and being self sufficient. It's very sweet. He's always anxious to do his chores. We've started a chore chart and an official allowance. Along with that, we've opened a checking and savings account in his name. We hope to give him a strong foundation in the matters of money and credit.
  • He's doing very well at reading. We're keeping a book journal of all the books each month. But math seems to come naturally to him.
  • This kid has endless energy and still loves. to. wrestle. He can not get enough rough housing. And he's strong as an ox but skinny as a broom stick.
  • He's quite the jokester and always loves a good laugh. 
  • He loves to "craft" with his mom. He loves washi tape and scissors.
  • Favorite hairstyle is a mohawk 
  • Favorite movie is Fred. "YOU CAN'T SEE ME!" 
  • Still in love with video games. His current favorites are Halo and Minecraft. They come in handy for incentive for his school work. He has to earn his play time.
  • He is still signing like a pro but just recently has started to say so many words. The flood gates have been opened. Just to name a few...
momma, daddy, jude (jew), BOO, got you (gah chew), ouch, cracker, drink (dink), hot (while blowing his lips, very cute), light, blue (bew, the dog from blues clues), no no no, LOOK!, book, nose, ball, apple, what's that (wus dat), warm, whoa, done, orange (jah), prettttty, shoes (shoooz), pee pee, penis, guitar (gitah), moon, eye, ear, choo choo, boat, teeth, brush, spoon, gentle, elmo, cookie, blanket, snow,  star, hippo, yellow, duck, glasses, pizza
Right ?! Isn't that crazy! I'm amazed at how much he's talking now. Every day he says a new word(s).
  • This kid is in love with books. He will sit with me or by himself and look at books most of the day. His favorite is any kind of Santa Clause book.
  • He has a major sweet tooth! We have a baby rainmaker on our hands if there's sweets and he's not getting any. And he's like a hound dog about it. He knows. It's funny. And a little scary.
  • I've never seen a little boy so sweet with a baby doll. He loves his baby doll and any of his stuffed animals. He does the sign for baby and rocks them and pats them on the back. Gives them kisses. When it's bed time, he wants his baby and blanket. He snuggles up to that thing and it makes me want to eat him alive.
  • He loves to brush his teeth. He's a regular Mathew Mcconaughey.
  • This kid is totally freaked out by gloves of any kind. Winter gloves, dish gloves, vintage white lady gloves. But only if you have them on. If they're laying there, he'll put them on and play with them. 
  • He's popping teeth out like a shark. And I've never seen a kid with so few symptoms of teething. He doesn't drool at all! How is that possible? I'm not complaining.
  • Favorite TV shows: Blues Clues and Yo Gabba Gabba. He loves Jessie and Woody from Toy Story. We have the dolls and he's always rocking and dancing with Jessie. He likes gingers. 
  • He LOVES baths.  You would think you were in the middle of a dolphin feeding circle with the amount of splashing. 
  • To Jordans dismay, he's a toe walker. 

  • Jordan's working at CONTROL4 and really loving it. He will have been there a year in February. Jordan's also taking on a few side projects. The first one being a web developer for a video game company named  Saltypepper Studios and the second being an IT infrastructure Analyst at Proex. He's also still involved as the eSports manager at Wellplayed
  • He's loving playing basketball weekly. 

  • I'm working hard on my photography this year. I get so frustrated and embarrassed at most of my pictures (see photo above..eh hum..) because I know what I want them to look like and I'm no where near that. But...I love doing it! And I'm so excited to get a new camera and start my class next month! I'm sure I'll post many more things about that as it unfolds.
  • I'm learning to enjoy the process. This applies to so many things. I'm always in such a rush to get to the finished product that I never enjoy getting there. Deep breathes....enjoy the steps Ardelle.
  • The holidays and all of our plagues (hopefully) are over and I'm hitting the gym hard to whip this momma's butt back into shape! I've got 2 races this year and my eye is on the prize folks. Here's to me not being able to walk down my stairs or sit on the toilet tomorrow.

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