February 1, 2013

Pics of the Week

a valentine advent for Jordan. 14 love notes on hearts

garbanzo bean chocolate chip cookies
still tucked in with lots and lots of snow
Jetts nickname is the destroyer. every room he visits is completely disassembled like we suffered a major earthquake and things were thrown to and fro. only then is he content.
last minute pho
this kid's a clone of Jordan in every way
brunch time view
and the month of love begins
Jetts favorite book hands down. we guess at the pictures because it's in Japanese. He cares not.
Jude swiped an earbud from little man. this will not end well.
homework station or table of temptation for Jett. I can hear myself on autoplay "get down from there"
the destroyer got ahold of a book. I made art out of the casualties. kids books are naughty
the dress up bin. he's concentrating hard on how to destroy those glasses.

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