February 13, 2013

DIY Snakes for Chinese New Year

I found this pin on pinterest and immediately my brain started clickin and tickin.
 I am married to an Asian man. 
Let's celebrate some freakin New Years People.
  So we tried a couple of different ways and the green one was by far the most labor intensive. And I'm not sure I like it the best. But it was fun. It reminds me of Eric Carles Book 
We had a good time. 
Cup of coffee, snow storm and some asian crafts. I'm raisin these kids right!
Used an old chinese book for my paper. Glued three circles together and attached each set. Used smaller circles for the tail. 
Used another old Chinese book and attached the sets of three circles as well. Goes much quicker this way.
This ones eyes remind me of a praying mantis.
This one has a bit of a Mickey Mouse head. 
So this one....this one was our first. And i thought we'd do little circles on top of the bigger circles to give it a scaly look. Jude said it looked like flowers. Scales, flowers. Let's not split hairs, son. 
It was our first try. We got a little fancy.
Simple enough, right? Just hot glue some chop sticks on the back and you're all set. We made some extras to pass out at our family hot pot this weekend. 
Fun will be had so help me Buddha.

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