June 5, 2013

Studio/Family Room

Ok. So do I like having my studio upstairs? Yes. 
Is it how I wanted to decorate my family room? Not quite. 
Pros: Jett plays well in his room and under my feet while I work and it's really convenient.
Cons: I have to watch what I leave out that might tempt that little rugrat. He loves to unfold my fabric. That's been fun. I think the thrill has finally wained though, he's now on to my sewing box and thread.

There's not really a spot for my sewing machine, so I keep it in a closet close by and use the kitchen table to spread out on. I thought it would be a pain, but it really has been fine. It forces me to clean up after ward too which is nice.
My drawers are full of project inspirations and supplies for me and the kids. Some of these things have come in quite handy for school projects. I use lots of basket boxes, tins and my suitcases for storage. 
I love my crazy vintage fabric. I have to use my suitcases for the rest, which is kind of a pain. If I can't see what I have out in the open I forget. I like to see all of my options. 
Poor me, I know.
I'm lucky to have a roof over my head and a space for a semi-studio period. This girl's grateful. 
And that's it. It sometimes feels a little busy and cluttered even if everything is perfectly put away, which I hate. But i quickly remind myself, it's a rental and not permanent! and I make do. It serves it's purpose and my perfection gene's eye will have to twitch for now. Especially since this is all for the love of this perfect little baybay growing in my bellah! Speaking of that little ball of perfection, we'll be sharing the sex very, very soon. 


  1. I can't wait for the reveal!
    I do hope you text me before you blog it though.. ;)

    The room looks great + I like the idea of forcing to have to clean up afterward too.

    1. Of course of course, first thing Monday! Think pink thoughts...