June 3, 2013

Weekend Pics

Gorgeous flowers from Nana's garden
I told you
Finally back on track with my eating. I feel completely human again. So back to meat being disgusting and vegetarian ruling the roost. It feels sooo good. 
(I cringe at what I ate during the first trimester. 
My baby may come out with a big mac head, I'll leave it at that)
It was finally hot enough this weekend to go play in some water. These boys had a blast at the park just a few minutes from our house. Look at that view. I do love that about Utah.
The epitome of summer
My favorite time of day when the sun is setting through the trees outside our kitchen window. It's the perfect lighting for our summertime grilling and eating. 
Pop on some Billie Holiday and it's total perfection.
We've been eating our weight in fruit. Love me some summer time food :)


  1. I am loving this! And also a bit jealous you didn't text an invite to the splash pad! grr.

    1. Don't you worry, there will be plenty more :)