May 31, 2013

Thrifty Thrifty

I haven't been thrifting in quite some time for many reasons, but the temptation never wains. So every now and again I get a major hankerin to go. And Jordan smiles and swipes the card. 
He really does love me.
Vintage puzzles, vintage toy thingy (I don't know, whatya call that thing?)  and a red polka dot pony. Why do I love vintage so much?

There's some things you just can't pass up. And a cashmere Banana Republic lion sweater is at the top of that list. Sooo soft.
I'm a gambler. If I am in fact having a girl, vintage flower sheets are a must. And the blanket spoke to me. I'm all about some coral lately.
What I usually go thrifting for are books. And I found a ton of great ones this time.
I got this little kids stool and wooden questionable toy at an estate sale a little while ago. 
 And do I even have to say it? I love this tin tray. 

With this baby on the way I will be back to frequenting the thrift stores more and more I'm sure. Especially when we find out what we're having. Thrifting, my Disneyland.

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