May 28, 2013

Jude and Jett's New Room

Pages from an old book that was falling apart and I loved these illustrations. So we made some inexpensive (no holes in the wall) art work.
It's actually a lot easier to keep their room picked up when everything has a specific place. 
Simple and accessible makes life so much easier for all of us.
I put all of Jett's favorites out in the open so whenever he gets a hankerin to farm or lincoln log or hammer out some mad xylophone beats he can knock himself out without a bit of help from le mommy.
I bought this little stool with the intention of recovering it and using it in the new nursery with a rocker for nursing. But Jett loves it so much i'm not sure i can swipe it from his room now. He sits here and reads his books for a solid chunk of time every day without exception. It's one of my favorite things.
Both of these boys love to make art work. I think it's fun to have it out so they can be inspired when the mood strikes. Especially with all of the free time that we'll have once summer break hits.
I feel like this is more like Jett's room where Jude just sleeps. Jude's at an age where he's more into the computer and video games and his new ipod touch. We'll have to do something special to make this more like his room too, but for now I don't think he notices.
Underneath the bunk bed is just a lounge area where it's like a semi-fort area or reading nook. But eventually it's going to be the new bed for Jett. It'll be here before we know.
trains and blocks are two of Jett's favorites as well, so we keep those out and ready to play. 
every day he makes his rounds to each toy section giving each a go
this teddy bear was actually Jordan's when he was a kid. Jett loves this bear.
Jett loves his boots. every day he puts each pair on and immediately takes them off and swaps. Over and over again.  I just leave them all out for him to go to town. If I don't he follows me around the house saying, "booots, boooots!" and I have to dig them all out of his closet.

We're doing a lot of shuffling around to make way for this new little baby. It's like musical chairs only with rooms. Jude and Jett took mine and Jordan's old room and the new nursery will be in their old room down the hall. We moved our bedroom into the full downstairs. Which means I had to either give up my studio or incorporate it into the family room. So we (by "we" I mean Jordan and our neighbor, thank you Mark!) moved everything upstairs and went all Ikea Mag on everyone. It's a melting pot of rooms up here.

It's actually not that bad. 

I'll post some pictures of the semi-awkward craft/den area. All we need is a washer and dryer in the kitchen and we'd be full blown European (that's not a bad thing). We do what we have to do to make things work. 
We're missing our beautiful house that we left in Orem. The yard, my garden. But the drive and wooden floors can suck it. Those floors were gorgeous in pictures and were perfect when they were spotless (all 5 minutes of it)  but they were a pain in the ass to keep clean, especially with a dog. So it has been really nice to have soft, quiet, albeit ugly, carpet in this new house.
I just think it's hard to be in a rental period. I don't want to hang things because I don't want a million holes in the wall that we'll just have to fix or pay for. And if it were my home there would be such drastic changes, it's like, where do you start? How do you half decorate a dated rental? 
It's a battle let me tell ya. It wouldn't bother me so bad if I didn't enjoy decorating and design quite so much. I just have to remind myself that it's not forever. And OH how I'm going to adore my own home when the day comes. 

Until then here's my best attempt at masking these painted panelled walls and split level awesomeness. I may break down and actually hang stuff in the nursery. So help me if it's a girl.


  1. I feel your rental pain! But you do an amazing job with your temporary spaces, believe me. I need you to be my decorator, somehow I can't translate what I like into actual space. Also, I am catching up and I love that I have so much to catch up on! The room looks fantastic, as everything you do!

  2. Thank you Jen. It's so hard, right?! I feel the same way about my vision and translation all the time. You do a great job too, perfection is our enemy. But I would love to help any way I could. Let me know...