May 3, 2013

Pics of the Week

Jett is quite the imaginary chef

Jett's two favorite toys are lincoln logs and his train set
Clean slate awaiting the unveiling of the sex of this little peanut
Jude's pumping out some really cool art work at school this year. I must say I'm impressed.
Jude's first big boy Cafe Rio salad. They never get old. Bless the Rio
Where this lil babe will be born come October
Weekend weather tease 
Where Jett would live if he could. I've never seen a child love water as much as this child. And I thought Jude was a water baby. There's more grass and toys in the pool than water
Our neighbors pretty flowers. Oh how I miss my garden. 


  1. The clinic looks so cozy! And I love Jude's watch, I remember bargaining (or rather making dad bargain) for it! ;)

    1. The Birth Center is amazing, I'm really looking forward to birthing there. It's such a cute watch, I'm glad he did bargain (with your nudging) both boys love that thing.