May 2, 2013

Our Family

(A day shy of April and March got thrown under the bus) 
I'm alive! Barely. For what felt like an eternity I've lied around with crappy hair and no make up feeling like I was on the brink of death with this morning sickness. This pregnancy has kicked my butt Chuck Norris style every day for the last month and a half. It's amazing how gloomy life can be when you feel like total shit. And the weather here has made it 10 times worse. Just day after day of cold, wet, nastiness. Not to mention all of the crying. Crying because everything is just so touching. Crying because I think about giving birth again and well, it just hasn't been long enough for that to fully erase. Crying because I can't take another second of this constant nausea. So. Much. Crying.

Finally, every thing is looking so much brighter. We actually lounged around the kiddie pool and slurped on some pop cycles this weekend.  That hot sun has never felt so good. Ever. And then it snowed yesterday morning. Utah's weather is bipolar.

There's so much to look forward to in the coming weeks and months. Jude's almost out for the summer. We've been celebrating lots of birthdays with friends and family. We're swapping everyone's rooms to make way for the new baby. We've done some serious purging of our "things" in preparation for yet another yard sale. Apparently I'm going to have one every year until I die. I'm itching to get back to sewing and making things and taking pictures. I haven't had my camera out in some time. It's bout time Ardelle. Bout time.


  1. Those are wonderful family pictures. Glorious. A very handsome family. And a wonderful collection of books also. Is that a doughnut that your child is holding? I like doughnuts but that's not important. How is Jordan doing these days? We have not spoken in person in ages. Tell him that I bid him glad tidings. Tidings of joy. Now I have to get back to work.

    1. Thanks Richard.I love me some books, doughnuts are a very big deal right now, and tidings of joy are always welcome :)

  2. love these + love you more!!